Making New Friends In Charleston

Making New Friends In Charleston

For me, life is all about creating connections.
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For me, life is all about creating connections. I love having a real, authentic conversation whether it’s with someone I just met or have known for a long time. I count myself lucky whenever I get to experience these special moments.

This past Mother’s Day Weekend, I went down to visit our store in Charleston (read about why I love Charleston here), and came back feeling so full of love, gratitude, and happiness. More than just saying a quick hello, I was able to have some amazing conversations with every woman who came in the store that day.

I met a mother-daughter duo who have been fans of the brand for a while, and just happened to pop in while on a weekend trip together. Before I helped them each pick out a dress, they shared a personal story with me that had us all in tears. It truly made me feel so grateful that they opened their hearts to me and took a moment out of their vacation to spend time with us at JC.

Every new amazing woman that walked through that bright orange door touched my heart that day. From letting me help style them for an important event to letting me peek into their hearts and lives, it was a truly special day that reminded me why I love what I do: helping women look and feel their best.

I consider all the women I design for friends because I feel like designing clothes is so personal. It is for me, anyway. If we haven’t met, please reach out in the comments below. But hopefully I’ll have the pleasure in person someday.

Until then,

Xo Jude

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