4 Summer Packing Essentials

4 Summer Packing Essentials

Can you believe we are halfway through the year already?

Can you believe we are halfway through the year already? It seems like summer sneaks up on us so quickly, and I just want to savor every minute of it!

To be honest, by January 1st I am already planning out all of my beach trips for the year. (I love the water.) From quick weekend getaways to weeklong excursions, I am excited and ready for all of it—until it comes time to pack! I have to think about where we’re going, what we’re doing, and what I am wearing, of course. But this year I’ve decided to come up with a checklist so-to-speak of my four packing essentials to make my life a little easier—and hopefully, yours too.

Besides the obvious (swimwear, toiletries, a great hat, a good book, etc.), I am sharing four fashion essentials that’ll get you through whatever adventure you’re headed on. The number one rule is versatility!

So here are my four packing essentials:

  1. Our Stretch Knit Dresses

Because who really wants to iron when they’re on vacation? A wrinkle-resistant dress that looks just as good coming out of your suitcase as it did going in is key for vacation. So go ahead, pack a few of your favorite styles.

  1. Dressy Flat Sandals

There is such a thing as being dressed up without having to wear heels—I do it all the time! I love embellished sandals that are just as comfortable as they are chic. Plus, you never know where the day will take you.

  1. Breezy Wide Leg Pants

Just pair them with an easy tank top and you instantly have an on-trend, chic outfit that you can wear from day to night. (A.K.A. A bike ride to sunset cocktails.)

  1. Printed Maxi Dress

I know I have two dresses on this list, but just trust me. A printed maxi dress is perfect for almost any occasion. It’s not only a one-and-done outfit, but also its length can either be elegant and dressy with wedges or casual and breezy with flats. Talk about versatility.

What are your packing essentials? Share them with me in the comments below!

Happy traveling,

Xo Jude

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