About Us

How It all Began

Jude Connally Zimmerman

In 2010, I started Jude Connally because I was looking for help with my wardrobe. As a busy working mother in the fashion industry, I didn’t quite have what I needed to look and feel my best at a moment’s notice: clothes that were comfortable and easy to care for yet stylish, polished and affordable!

I figured I was not alone in my quest to find the perfect wardrobe, and resolved to help other women find pieces they looked forward to wearing, regardless of the season or occasion.

Because my mission was to create bold, exceptionally tailored pieces that required little maintenance, I knew it all had to start with the fabric…

Our Philosophy

Create More Ease

We are no fuss, low-maintenance gals and we've got your back!

Everything we do should ultimately bring about greater ease—be it peace of mind or the effortlessness of pulling a dress out of a suitcase, throwing it on and looking great.

We focus on using easy care, easy wear fabrics that always look amazing no matter what time of the day. 

Where to Find Us

Stop by and say hello at our flagship boutique in Westfield, NJ (Jude's hometown state).

Our clothing is also sold at over 300+ specialty boutiques throughout the U.S. To find the store nearest you, please call our Customer Service team at 1-855-222-JUDE (5833) or email: shopus@judeconnally.com.

customer service

We've Got Your Back...

We understand that finding the right style and fit can sometimes be overwhelming. That is where we come in! If you have questions, need advice or style recommendations just reach out to our Customer Service team: 1-855-222-JUDE (5833) or email:shopus@judeconnally.com. We are here to help!

a (very) brief history

From dream to reality

Running Inspiration

While running a half-marathon, Jude has a moment of clarity... why isn't there any color in an endless sea of drab activewear. Her idea is born.