There is no denying the comfort and freedom that women’s jumpsuits and rompers offer. No wonder they’ve made such a big comeback within the past few years. At Jude Connally, we are all about style that keeps you comfortable all day long. We’ve designed an incredible collection of beautiful jumpsuits that make you look effortlessly chic.

Be it our Edie Jumpsuit, Katrina Jumpsuit or Kendall Jumpsuit – there is something for every type of woman. Make a statement with our signature pieces that ensure the perfect fall and drape. Plus, made of the highest quality stretch crepe, poly and spandex, our collection of jumpsuits can definitely help you stand out from the crowd. The fabric is thick enough to hide lines, yet thin enough to avoid unnecessary creases. 

Two Materials that Make the Perfect Jumpsuit:

  1. Crepe fabric is quite rich in texture, wrinkle-free and one of the most contemporary fabrics used by the fashion industry today. It is soft and comfortable, and typically you do not have to iron it. Our crepe fabric is lightweight and recommended for all seasons.
  2. We also use nylon spandex as one of the materials, since it is known for its stretchable fibers and high elastic recovery feature. This ensures a perfect fit, while preventing wrinkles and creases, and giving a soft feel to your body. The colors on spandex do not fade easily and they are not affected by perspiration, body lotion or dry cleaning.

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