The Charm Of Charleston

The Charm Of Charleston

For Spring, I was inspired by one of my favorite cities: Charleston, South Carolina

For Spring, I was inspired by one of my favorite cities: Charleston, South Carolina. If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting this lovely Southern town, I highly suggest you add it to your travel list.

For one thing, I am obsessed with history—and Charleston is full of it.
From the horse and carriage rides to the Georgian-style homes to the 200-year-old oak trees, it almost feels like you’re going back in time. For our April photoshoot, we visited some of the most historic spots in the city, like Rainbow Row with its charm and color.

The entire vibe of the city—beautiful gardens, bright colors, and warm, welcoming people—resonates with the Jude Connally lifestyle: easy, appropriate, comfortable living.

So, we decided to open our new location in downtown Charleston.

For our boutique on King Street, I wanted it to reflect one of my favorite rooms in my own home: my sunroom. It’s bright, sunny, and colorful. I love spending time there because it just makes me happy, and that’s exactly how I want guests to feel. What we loved about the space was its unique and original charm like exposed brick and bowed wood ceilings. The colorful pink and coral palette makes it bright and’s just such a pretty space! The special touches make it feel more like a home than a store.

Here’s just a few of my favorite things to do when I visit Charleston.

I enjoy spending time on the Battery walking path by the water where you can check out the White Point Gardens and lookout over Charleston Harbor. (If you don’t know already, you’ll soon learn that I love being anywhere near water.) I love this

Have you visited? What are your favorite things to do and see in Charleston?

XO, Jude

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