Introducing Jude Connally Collection

Introducing Jude Connally Collection

I don’t know about you, but it seems like I have an event every weekend this Spring and Summer.
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I don’t know about you, but it seems like I have an event every weekend this Spring and Summer. Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Charity Events, Graduations, and Weddings are quickly filling up my calendar! Celebrating special moments with family and friends is what life is all about, right? (And of course I’m excited because each new event means a different outfit.) But that got me thinking, shouldn’t special occasions call for extra special outfits? Of course!

Which is why I am so excited to introduce Jude Connally Collection. Created as a limited-edition capsule collection with three exclusive vignettes, it’s my answer to special occasion dressing—the JC way. That means all the no-fuss, effortless style you know and love, but with even more extraordinary details like luxe new fabrics, surprise pockets, pretty pleating, lace and eyelet designs, scalloped hemlines, and embroidered patterns.

Each of the three vignettes are named after and inspired by my favorite, oceanside Summer

travel destinations: The Hamptons, Nantucket, and St. Barts.

We’re launching with the Hamptons, which includes six silhouettes in two colors: a fantastic saturated orange we’re calling Poppy and a fresh, crisp white called Lilly. The Hamptons’ signature lace border detail and effortlessly elegant styles are perfect for every shower and soirée on your calendar.

Just as its namesake suggests, the Nantucket collection has a subtle nautical influence. The collection’s four silhouettes feature a cool maritime striped base fabric layered with a circular eyelet fabric. I think it’s the perfect combination of casual and sophisticated.

Just wait until you see the St. Barts vignette. A stunning circular embroidery of flowers and leaves pop in azure blue on white. The collection features two tops, a dress, and a chic little ankle pant. I just can’t get enough of this beautiful design! Both Nantucket and St. Barts are coming in May, so stay tuned for even more JC Collection, coming soon!

So, let me know what you think in the comments below. Are you as excited about Jude Connally Collection as I am?

- XO Jude

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