There’s a funny story behind why I love the color orange.

When I was 6 years old, I was riding my bike and got hit by a truck—I know, very unusual for a kid. I had 12 pennies in my hand that I’d scraped together, and I was on my way to the five and dime to buy a creamsicle. When I got hit, all I remember saying is, “But I’m not going to get my creamsicle!”

I must have yelled it loudly enough for the man who accidentally hit me to hear because three days later when I was home from the hospital with a broken leg, he brought me 12 creamsicles. As a kid, this was a really big moment. The upside being that I got 11 more creamsicles than I’d planned on getting.


Since then, the color orange has really brought me so much joy.

It’s warm and happy, and somehow (maybe not so coincidentally) finds its way into many places in my life. Each day I spritz on my Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne, and if I’m in the office, you can find me sitting behind my orange desk. At home, I have a tangerine tree in my dining room. I bought it thinking it’d bloom white orange blossoms, and lo and behold it netted fruit! So now I have an orange tree in New Jersey.  

The cheery and welcoming front door of our new store in Charleston is painted—you guessed it—orange! And by now you’re probably realizing the connection between the color and the Jude Connally brand, from the logo to many of the patterns and styles. Some of the best days that I can remember ended with the sun setting in a bright orange hue that just meant there would be another beautiful day to come. 

Do you have a color that means something special to you?

XO, Jude