At Jude Connally, our passion is dress women for every occasion and every situation, whether it’s for work, travel or play. Each season as we develop new collections, we carefully consider each print, color, and silhouette to ensure we are offering a beautiful, functional and “easy care, easy wear” wardrobe for our customer. We thrive on listening to, designing for and engaging with our customer and we are excited to highlight one of the many design features we now offer her!
Long Dresses
Many of our customers have asked for dresses that are longer in length, whether it’s due to dress codes, weather issues, or fit preferences. We’ve added a little bit of length to some of our most popular dress silhouettes, including the iconic Beth and the Michelle. Depending on your height, these dresses either cut just across the top of the knee or just below.
And for women who like a little more fashion-forward style in their closet, we now offer jumpsuits in solids and our seasonal prints.
We look forward to continually serving your needs. Have an idea? Share it with us here. And be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get updates on other new offerings. We look forward to hearing from you.


  • Posted On October 08, 2019 by Karen Hill

    Could you please consider adding longer dresses (knee length) to your collection again? I miss them!

  • Posted On June 25, 2019 by Caitlin Conheeny

    Hi Carol,

    We are glad that you are enjoying our longer length dresses! Right now we have skorts with 2 lengths – the Morgan Skort is 16” and the Sonia Skort is 18”. If we are to add longer length skorts to our collection, we will definitely let you know. In addition, if you would like to email Caitlin at, she will be happy to help you look for a few sleeved dresses that could work best for you.

    The Jude Connally Team

  • Posted On June 25, 2019 by Carol Georgieff

    Thank you for adding these dresses. Please consider a few sleeved addresses. I love your skorts – could you add s hem so taller
    Golfers could buy. I am 5’ 9” and would be unable to wear them at our Country Club. Thank you

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