1. Look For Versatile Pieces

Say it with me: versatility is KEY! When I was designing the Fall collection I really had two things in mind: versatility and ease. I wanted to create pieces that could be mixed and matched and worn from 9am to 9pm, weekday or weekend. Everyone is so busy, why would we make our lives more difficult by cramming our closets with specific pieces that can only be worn to certain events, during certain seasons, with certain shoes, etc. It can become maddening! I love the idea of having really comfortable Ponte Ankle Pants that can be dressed up or down and always look flattering and appropriate. Now that’s the kind of pant you need in your life—and your closet.


One of my fave new pieces for Fall is the Sawyer Faux Suede top. It’s a super comfortable, machine-washable suede tunic that can be worn to football games on the weekend or to the office on the weekdays. Trust me, it’ll be your go-to piece.


  1. Play With Pattern

OK, so this tip can probably be applied to every season. But I think that incorporating pattern into your Fall wardrobe is essential for a well-rounded collection of playful options. This season we’re leaning on J.C. classics like leopard, tartan, and geometric designs to bring a little life into your closet.


  1. Embrace Rich Textures

Fall is a sensory-filled season, from the crunch of leaves and the smell of cider to the feeling of crisp cool air. When it comes to fashion, the same is true. Fall collections incorporate textures like heavier knits, suede, cashmere, and more. This season, we introduced a new Faux Suede Collection that we are really excited about. Not only is it totally on-trend and gorgeous but it’s comfortable and machine washable (!). I can’t wait for you to see the look on your best friend’s face when you tell her you’re going to pop your dress into the washing machine later. 


  1. Go For Warm Neutrals

In keeping with our theme of versatility, reaching for a rich color palette of warm and easy-to-match neutrals is the perfect way to create a Fall collection that works for you. Look for colors like camel, black, and shades of red. They work harmoniously together to create a look that feels chic and effortlessly put together. Plus, if you stick to a unified color palette you can mix and match your pieces that much easier.


  1. Add A Pop Of Color

Whether you work color into your clothes or accessories closet, there’s always a place for making a bold statement. Personally, I am loving the red bag trend. I’m wearing my little red bag with almost every outfit this season, and it’s the perfect addition of a little something playful. Think about adding a pop of color with a pretty scarf, a bold shoe, or a gorgeous statement earring. Getting dressed should be fun!


What’s on your shopping list for Fall?