Inspired by You

Our dresses are designed to highlight your natural and inherent beauty. Getting dressed is so much more than putting on your clothes every day, it's expressing who you are while deciding who you want to be. Jude believes that every woman has a unique inner spirit that makes her naturally attractive and has made it her mission to help women everywhere realize and embrace their internal light and inspire them to share it with others. Jude's dresses are hand crafted to make you feel more confident, graceful, and important because she believes a woman who feels good about herself and her style exudes a positive aura that can spread to anyone she interacts with.

Born In America

Jude Connally dresses are manufactured in the New York area by the hands of trained craftspeople, imbuing them with an American integrity and unreplicable spirit. The dresses are created so close to Jude’s headquarters so she has optimal control over the conditions and circumstances under which they’re made, which allows Jude to make quick changes to her designs should an emerging color or style trend arise. All this leads to a better dress as well as helping the local economy and the hardworking individuals who are a part of it.

Fabric that Functions

Jude Connally dresses are made from a one-of-a-kind, easy care fabric that enables you to stay comfortable while feeling luxurious. No dry cleaning necessary; just wash in cold water, hang or tumble dry, and go! Just the right blend of Nylon and spandex assure resistance to wrinkles, spills, pilling, tugs, tears, shrinkage, stretching, color fade, gloomy days—leaving you more time to live your life.

Loves To Travel

Every one of Jude's dresses are durable enough to withstand your body’s bends, twists, and wiggles yet soft enough for you to relax and savor the day. It can easily be packed tightly in the corner of a suitcase or the back of a closet and still look as good as new when you slip it on.
A Jude Connally dress is made to be as versatile and adventurous as the woman who wears it.