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When we design our women’s clothing, our aim is to create women’s apparel that is not just stylish, but also comfortable. In our search for the best materials that would give a comfortable feel, while needing minimal maintenance, we combined textile innovation with activewear fabrics to create Jude Cloth.

This is not just any fabric, it gives you the perfect stretch and fit, regardless of your body shape. The best part is that it doesn’t wrinkle or lose its shape, even with all day wear. This makes our Jude Cloth dresses the perfect choice for everyday wear, travel, and weekend adventures.

Plus, the colors remain rich and vibrant and prints look bold, without fading, even with long-term use and washing/dry cleaning. So, go ahead and choose from our bold snakeskin, tartan and paisley dresses or check out the choices in length, neckline and sleeve. 

Why Jude Cloth?

Jude Cloth is stretchable enough to offer a good fit for all women’s body types. This clothing material does not wrinkle and is also soft and lightweight enough to give you comfort all through the day. Plus, our dresses are simple yet stylish, to give you that look of quiet confidence. Made up of high-quality Jude Cloth, our dresses are wear and tear resistant too. All of our women’s dresses have a seam finish that provides a neat look to the edges and gives the perfect fall.

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