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I am an athletically built woman (5’3″ – right now a size 6 dress) who has recently gone through a bad break-up. For six months, I have eaten nothing but french fries and buffalo wings, and I have drank enough wine for a lifetime.

I finally got my head out of the sand when I hit a 15lb weight gain. I have a lot of special events coming up, including my own 40th birthday. I went dress shopping the other day and ended up in a cold sweat, mortified at how “soft” my body had become and felt, and how every dress clung to my not-so-shapely rear end. This is the first year in over ten that I didn’t do a half Ironman race, and I just have felt awful about myself.

I went into a little boutique near my office in CT and tried on one of your dresses, and totally fell in love. While I definitely still have weight to lose, I can go to my friend’s formal 40th this weekend finally feeling attractive again. The cut of this dress shows that I do still have some definition in my arms, and it doesn’t hug my saggy parts in any way. It falls beautifully, and I don’t even need Spanx. I’m on your site now buying another! Don’t even care about the price. I will be a lifelong regular customer. Thank you!!!



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