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I was a larger woman who wore a size 14-16 with an equally large chest. My wardrobe consisted of jeans, black tops, gray tops and any other dark color that would draw attention away from my size. I hated getting dressed to go out, I would pull almost everything out of my closet. I would put it on and then take it off, this process would usually last around an hour. The end result never filled me with satisfaction only a heap of discarded clothes on my bed….I was just dressed.

My daughter was always trying to get me to embrace color, so she gave me my first Jude dress. It was a red Beth in an XL, my first reaction was I don’t think so! It looked too form fitting for me, that was a road I always stayed away from. My daughter INSISTED I try it on, and I did….To my surprise not only did it feel beautiful, it looked beautiful!

I have since dropped 40 pounds and am now wearing a medium in my Jude dresses! Whether I was wearing an xl or a med, they made me feel good about the way I looked in them. They are my go to…regardless of where I am off to, I feel confident, put together and polished in my Jude!



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