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I saw the dress in the window and I drove passed a few times, however, I did not have the time to stop.

I lost 60 pounds a year ago and I really wanted a dress that would be easy to wear and show my figure. I put on the Lisa and I loved it even though my hair was not done and it just made me feel pretty. I felt as though I was all put together and ready to go.

I bought it, took it home, and wore it to do Professional Development for my teachers. I cannot tell you how many people complimented me about the dress, it was wonderful. I felt so pretty that I wore it to two dinners with different people that week, they stated how pretty the dress was and how good I looked!

I want to thank Jude for putting ease into my wardrobe and making me feel so pretty after losing my weight! I want to get the new wrap dress, but waiting for it to come in a blue and white color to wear to PSU for Homecoming weekend! Thanks Jude!!



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