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“Nice dress!” he said. “Thank you,” I replied as we walked to our table at the restaurant. I hadn’t seen my high school friend in years and that was just the reaction I wanted from him.

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, whether you are a man or a woman, receiving a compliment is always nice. I notice whenever I wear Jude Connally attire, compliments are sure to follow.

It is not just the compliments though. I feel confident. Why? Because her clothes are so well-made. It is my go-to for both casual and formal wear. The way the material feels on my body and flatters all areas, I have a closet full of Jude Connally clothes readily available.

One day, I had a gentleman ask me where I bought my dress because he wanted to get one for his wife. I almost wanted to keep the source to myself but I know sharing the positives in life is why we are all here and it feels good to pay it forward. Wearing Jude Connally is definitely a positive experience.


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