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I was working at the Jude Connally Flagship store on the night of “Girls Night Out”, a very busy night in town.  A lovely woman came in who had never experienced Jude Connally before. She shared with me, while her eyes were filled with tears, that she had gotten sick 6 months ago and due to the medication she was on, she had gained weight and wasn’t feeling very confident.

I told her she had come to the right place. When she put on a Jude Connally she would get that confidence back so we set out to find her the perfect dress.  She was very shy in the dressing room, only poking her head out at first. But when we found THAT dress, she quietly came out to look in the three way mirror and the smile on her face was priceless, along with a few tears from both of us.

We continued on to find several more pieces for her that she looked and felt great in.  She left the store that night with a beautiful smile and left me a warm hug that I will never forget.  I truly felt blessed for having been given the opportunity that night to assist another woman in seeing herself as beautiful again and seeing the affects first hand beyond my own experiences that a Jude Connally dress can give!  Nothing better than that!

Most Sincerely,



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